Inland Empire Health Plan Joining Covered California in 2024

Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP) is excited to join Covered California in 2024. By participating in the California marketplace, IEHP can help members stay covered throughout the year.

What Is Inland Empire Health Plan?

IEHP is a not-for-profit, Medi-Cal managed care health plan. A managed care health plan works with a specific network of doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and other care providers to deliver Medi-Cal benefits.

Since 1996, IEHP has been helping Californians gain access to affordable health care services. IEHP is now one of the largest Medi-Cal plans available, serving over a million members. It also serves individuals enrolled in IEHP DualChoice — a Medicare-Medicaid plan.

Why Is IEHP Joining Covered California?

IEHP aims to increase members’ access to low-cost, high-quality health care. With the organization’s current process, thousands of IEHP members risk losing their Medi-Cal coverage each year with an income increase. However, joining IEHP through Covered California means they’ll automatically be enrolled in the lowest-cost silver plan if they lose Medi-Cal coverage.

How to Enroll in IEHP

IEHP is available to Medi-Cal-eligible individuals in Riverside and San Bernardino counties. If you’re interested in IEHP, you can apply to Medi-Cal any time of the year.

Not sure if you meet the income requirements for a Medi-Cal plan? Check the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) site to see if you may be eligible based on your income or other qualifications.

You can also determine if you’re eligible for Medi-Cal when you request a free quote on our site and select the option to see if you qualify for a discount.

Contact Us for Assistance

IEHP is an excellent choice for Medi-Cal coverage. We’re excited this organization is joining Covered California, too, and look forward to making the application process easy for eligible individuals.

Do you live outside of Riverside or San Bernardino counties? No worries. There are plenty of great, affordable health care plans available to you.

With open enrollment starting in November, you may find it helpful to review your options beforehand. You can explore Covered California health insurance providers and metallic plan benefits through our site. Also, feel free to contact an agent for more information or the latest news about IEHP. Our agents are always happy to help.

When you’re ready to enroll, head to our simple online application, which starts with a free, fast quote.

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