California Health Care

Find latest news, legislation and regulations related to the California health care system. Medical coverage services in the golden state are offered through the following options:

  • Covered California: The Health Exchange Marketplace
  • Insurance Carriers: providing off-exchange medical benefits
  • Veterans Administration (VA) Health Care Coverage
  • Medi-Cal
  • Prison Health Care for California

Health care in California has gone through radical changes since the passage of the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (PPACA) in 2010 and the implementation of Health Care Reform in 2013. Obamacare plans in California are sold through the state health insurance exchange, Covered California.

Individuals, families and businesses can enroll on a health care plan through Covered California, through Medi-Cal, through a health insurance broker, or by contacting a health insurance carrier directly. Popular carriers offering health insurance in California include Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California, Kaiser Permanente, Health Net, Molina and United Healthcare. For rates and benefits, click California Health Insurance Quotes. Open Enrollment 2017 is from November 1, 2016 to January 31, 2017. Outside of that window, you may apply during the Special Enrollment Period as long as you have a qualifying life event.

Government agencies that regulate health care in California include the California Department of Insurance, the California Department of Health Care Services, the Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC) and Ombudsman. The DMHC and Ombudsman offer protections and legal assistance for the consumers of health care in California.


By Wendy Barnett

shutterstock_579814447Early in January, Blue Shield of California announced that they signed a new 3-year agreement with Sutter Health effective January 1, 2017. This is great news as it allows Sutter Health Hospitals and doctors to remain a part of Blue Shield’s network across the state.

What this Means for Members

Blue Shield of California members can now rest assured that their Sutter Health doctors and hospitals will still be considered “in-network” providers through 2019. Using in-network providers helps consumers save money. Even with a PPO plan where you can go out-of-network when desired, if you choose to stay in-network, you will have lower costs (think less co-insurance, lower deductibles, and lower out of pocket maximums). (more...)

Posted: February 15th, 2017 under Blue Shield of California , Health Plans in California

by Wendy Barnett

Covered CA IRS Forms UninsuredUninsured Californian’s are receiving notices from the IRS urging them to get health insurance so that they will not have to pay a tax penalty. Notices went out in December ’16 and January ’17; and are the first time the IRS is reaching out to uninsured consumers since the Affordable Care Act went into effect. Consumers are being reminded that they can still apply for Obama Care during the annual Open Enrollment Period to avoid paying a tax penalty or the “Individual Shared Responsibility Payment” again. (more...)

Posted: January 26th, 2017 under Apply with Covered California , Covered California Insurance

by Wendy Barnett

Covered California IRS Form 1095Many people are anxious for their 1095-A Forms. This form is a Covered California statement that shows what months you had health insurance during the year and how much tax credit you received. Most people who were enrolled on a Covered CA plan in 2016 will receive their 1095-A Form from Covered CA. If you were enrolled on a Minimum Coverage Plan (Catastrophic Plan) on Covered CA, then you will receive a 1095-B or C Form directly from your insurance carrier. You will need form 1095 when you file your income taxes. (more...)

Posted: January 20th, 2017 under Covered California Insurance

by Wendy Barnett

Did you forget to apply for your health insurance for January 1st?  Or maybe you encountered difficulties submitting your application and could not get the assistance you needed to complete it. Don’t worry, you still have time to apply for Covered California. Open Enrollment is still open!

Apply by January 20th to start your Covered California plan for February 1stCovered CA Open Enrollment Extended (more...)

Posted: January 12th, 2017 under Apply with Covered California , Covered California Insurance

By Jessica Howland

24,000 at Risk

shutterstock_366617597Approximately 24,000 members with health plans through Covered California are at risk of losing their financial assistance, which is the tax credit provided by the Federal Government in January, if they don’t give Covered California permission to verify their income.  (more...)

Posted: December 30th, 2016 under Covered California Insurance