Covered California Health Insurance Agents

Around 50% of Covered California sales come through independent health insurance brokers in California. Covered California has been very supportive of their brokers through agent training, webinars and informative emails. Whether you are a consumer looking for a Covered California agent or you are an agent looking for support from the California Health Exchange, you will find helpful information below.

I Need an Agent

For live support from a licensed Covered California health insurance agent, call 1-877-752-4737. Or, find a Covered California storefront where licensed agents are available to give assistance. To be sure your agent is licensed, you can look up your agent on the California Department of Insurance website. Covered California agents must show all qualified health plans (QHPS). They offer the following assistance to consumers:

  • Give quotes on the various health plans
  • Tell you if you qualify for government assistance (including Medi-Cal)
  • Explain benefits of the health plans
  • Help you understand the provider network and find doctors, hospitals and medical facilities
  • Assist you with enrollment (in-person, online, by paper application or by phone)
  • Help you with renewals each year

Covered California brokers can be found in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Riverside, San Jose, Sacramento, Santa Cruz, San Francisco and throughout California. Find an agent in your area.

I Am an Agent

If you are a licensed life and health agent in the state of California, then you can go through training, take a test and become a licensed agent with Covered California. The licensing is separate to sell the Obamacare plans through the California Health Exchange, so just because you are licensed with the California Department of Insurance does not mean that you are automatically licensed with Covered California.

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