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Health Insurance Quotes for California

Get Free Health Care Quotes Online with No Phone Calls

Maybe you’ve had this happen to you. You enter your information online to get a free health insurance quote. You click “enter” and sometimes you see your health insurance rates and sometimes you don’t. Worst of all, within seconds your phone is ringing off the hook with brokers calling you to make the sale. Be suspect of any “free quote” that requires you to enter your phone number. You should be able to get free California health insurance quotes without entering any contact information.

Getting Quotes for Individuals, Kids, Couples and Families

You can get almost instant health insurance quotes in California online for individual and family plans. Find private health insurance options through the California Health Exchange, Covered California, or directly through the health plans. You will need the following information to view your rates:

  • Zip Code
  • Gender (not always)
  • Age/Date of Birth (DOB may give more accurate rates)
  • Household Income (only required to qualify for a subsidy)
  • Household Size (only required to qualify for a subsidy)

The most affordable health insurance quotes in California are on the Minimum Coverage and Bronze 60 plans. You can enroll kids along with their parents on a family plan, or you can get quotes on Child Only Health Insurance in California.


For many workers in the U.S., one of the perks of being hired by a company is getting health insurance coverage from it. Employer-sponsored health coverage is the most common type of private health insurance in the country. Not everyone who works for a company or who provides services to a business is eligible for health insurance coverage from it, though. In many cases, part-time employees can&...


Posted: June 3rd, 2021 under Covered California Insurance , Health Insurance Quotes , Individual Health Insurance , Small Business Health Insurance