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Affordable Rates on California Health Care Plans

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Understanding Your California Health Insurance Quotes

Calculating your rates is almost instant. Once plan options appear, you’ll be able to shop and compare all of the Marketplace medical insurance plans on the Covered California Health Exchange. You will see rates, metallic plan options and benefits from all the carriers offered in the California Marketplace. Also, you'll see if you qualify for government assistance, which may enable you to get discounted rates on California health insurance. Your quotes will include the following:

  • Carrier Name (Anthem Blue Cross, Kaiser Permanente, etc.)
  • Plan Type (Bronze, Bronze HSA, Silver, Gold or Platinum)
  • Plan Category (HMO, PPO, EPO)
  • Full Price of Plan
  • Subsidy Amount You Qualify For
  • Price You Pay
  • Link to “View Benefits”

Pricing on Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Plans

Your California health insurance quotes will be ordered by metallic tier. The Obama Care metallic plans include the following:

  • Bronze 60 Plan
  • Silver 70 Plan
  • Gold 80 Plan
  • Platinum 90 Plan

The least expensive Bronze plans and pricing will appear at the top followed by the Silver, Gold and finally the Platinum Plans. If you qualify for Cost Sharing Reduction, you will notice that Silver Plan you are offered will be one of the following:

  • Silver Enhance 73
  • Silver Enhanced 87
  • Silver Enhanced 94

Within one metallic tier, the least expensive California health insurance quotes will be on the left. You can scroll to the right to see additional plans at higher prices. All the plans in the same metallic tier have the same benefits, with the exception of the Bronze HSA plans, which vary slightly from the standard Bronze Plans.

Bronze Plans offer cheap high deductible major medical coverage. Silver Plans offer affordable middle-of-the-road coverage and pricing. Gold and Platinum Plans offer richer medical insurance coverage at higher rates.

Additional Information Regarding California Health Insurance Quotes

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