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Need Child Only Health Insurance in California?

Fill out the simple form above to get free, instant medical insurance quotes for child only health insurance in California, which includes babies, young kids and teenagers. The form takes seconds to complete, no contact information is required and there is no obligation to buy. You’ll find the most affordable rates on Covered California child health insurance quotes. Low cost pricing for California kids Insurance is available for all the carriers offered by the Covered California Medical Insurance Exchange. Child health plan offerings include Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California, Health Net, Kaiser Permanente and more. California health insurance quotes will give you rates for individual and families.

Get Health Insurance for Your Child Only

You can buy children health insurance to cover your child on a separate policy than yours. Situations where you may want to buy child only health insurance would be:

  • It is too expensive to add your child on to your employer plan
  • Your children are eligible for Medi-Cal, but you prefer to have them on a private plan instead
  • You have been court ordered to provide health insurance for your child who does not live with you
  • You want to pay for a child only health insurance policy for a child who does not live with you or who is not a part of your tax household (like for a grandchild, niece, or nephew)

Gaining Affordable Health Insurance for Children

A child only application is for people who know they do not qualify for a subsidy and want a regular, private, child health insurance plan. The child only quote will allow you to compare private plans side by side and in 4 different levels for you to choose the best plan that fits in your budget.

  • Know your offered coverage

    If you are offered affordable employer health insurance, than you do not qualify for a tax credit. However, it may be more cost effective to purchase an individual plan for your child instead of insuring them through your plan at work.

  • Know your income

    Check the household income limits to see if you qualify for a tax credit through Covered CA. You may want to apply for a family plan instead of a child only plan if you do qualify for a tax credit as this could be your most affordable option.

  • Consider Medi-Cal

    Check the household income limits to see if your child qualifies for Medi-Cal. Children qualify for Medi-Cal at higher income levels than adults. Many people who have employer plans find that their children can qualify for Medi-Cal which covers their medical services for free or a very low cost.

Information Needed on A Child Only Health Insurance Application

The person who fills out the application for the child health insurance policy needs to be the parent or legal guardian. Required information will include: contact information, address, date of birth, social security number, citizenship or immigration information for each child and the responsible party.

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