How to Start the Process of Reporting Changes

You may have signed up for health insurance through Covered California online, with someone over the phone, or with someone in person. The information that was collected is filed online with Covered California. So essentially, each primary applicant has an online application account on file with Covered California.

Life changes, so whether you move, have a baby or get married; more often than not this information needs to be updated on your Covered California application. To know just what you are required to report and when and who you should contact, we recommend reviewing Reporting Changes to Covered California.


  • For assistance with a change report you can call your insurance agent or a Covered CA representative at 1-800-300-1506. 
  • If you need to report a change during Renewal time or during Open Enrollment, we advise that you call for assistance.
  • To report changes to your online application with Covered CA outside of Renewal time or Open Enrollment, you first need to review your account and then you can report your changes as shown below:

Report Changes Yourself

1. Determine if you have access to your Covered CA online account.  If you have a user name and password already, then you should have access to your online account. If you do, proceed to step 2. If you have never created a user name and password, then you will need to obtain an access code first.

2. Go and login to Covered California.

3. Review your eligibility.

  • Click the “Eligibility” check box on the application progress bar
  • Here you can see what you are eligible for like tax credits, Medi-Cal, or other programs.  You can also see if you are required to submit document proofs
  • When you report a change, your eligibility may be affected, so it is important to understand what you are eligible for and how this might change.

4. Check your current enrollment status. This step is very important.

  • Return to your home page and click the “Summary” check box on the progress bar. Your Application History will display.
  • On the left hand side, click on the “Current Enrollment” tab, and your Current Enrollment page will display where you can review your current coverage including your enrollment status. 
  • If your enrollment status says “ENROLLED” then proceed to Reporting Changes Yourself.  If your enrollment status says “PENDING”, do not report a change now, instead, call Covered CA for assistance at 1-800-300-1506.

TIP:  Once in your Covered California account at any time, you can click on the Covered CA logo to return to your home/welcome page

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