Helpful Tips for Reporting Changes

If you are reporting changes yourself:

  • If your enrollment status is “PENDING” never report a change or it will create complications you do not want.
  • Always call Medi-Cal first to report changes if any member of your household is enrolled in Medi-Cal. Then, call Covered CA or your insurance agent to update your plan.

For income changes:

  • It is important to review your annual income (not only your monthly income) on your application to make sure it matches what you expect your projected income to be for the current year (not last year). Also, when entering income starting and ending dates for particular jobs, it is best to leave the end date blank for any current and ongoing income.
  • Be aware of the current Federal Poverty Level Chart income levels for assistance. If you household income is borderline, you may be subject to paying back all of your Advanced Premium Tax Credit. It is advisable to consult a tax professional concerning the income you should report.

Tax Filing Status

For tax filing status, it is important to think ahead to how you will be filing your taxes for the current year. Do you have an adult child who you will no longer claim as a dependent for this current year? Will you be claiming your shared custody child every other year? These situations can affect your household size and consequently your eligibility.

Notices From Covered California

Indicating on your Covered CA application that you want to receive your notices by email, requires you to log in to your account in order to read important information that Covered CA will send you. Notices will not be sent by regular mail. You have the option to edit how you want to receive notices when you report a change. Under your primary contact information section you can choose, mail, email or phone.

For free assistance with reporting any changes to your Covered CA account, you can call your insurance agent or Covered CA at 1-800-300-1506.

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