How to Access Your Covered California Application Online

Have 24/7 access. There are many reasons to access your Covered California application online.

In order to create a user name and password that links to your unique case and enrollment you will need an access code. If you did not receive if from Covered California in the mail you can call them at 1-800-300-1506 and select the option for help in accessing your online account.

Once you have your access code, follow these easy steps:

1. Visit Covered California to create an account clicking the link at the bottom of the grey box

2. Follow all prompts. On the User Information Page select “Yes” you have an existing case to link to this new account and enter access code. Complete the rest of the page.

3. Set up a secure user name and password. To create these in a way the system will accept:

  • Use 1 lower case letter
  • Use 1 upper case letter
  • Use 1 number
  • Use 1 special character 
  • So your password is not labeled a “dictionary word,” it is recommended to not have two letters touch and to alternate a letter, a number and a special character

Example: h4Q7g&K$4j

4. After you create an account, you may be required to log back in

5. Login with your user name and password

6. You will be asked to choose some security questions and provide the answers

7. You have successfully completed the process when you see the welcome page

Please note: Access codes can be finicky, if your access code does not work the first time, you will need to call Covered CA again to ask for a new one. 


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