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Lost or Will Soon Lose Coverage

There are lots of things that could result in your loss of health coverage.

  • If you were enrolled in an employer sponsored plan and lost your job, you probably lost coverage.
  • If you were on Medi-Cal and experienced a raise in your income, you may have lost coverage.
  • If you were on COBRA and it expired, you’ve lost coverage.
  • If you had student coverage and you’re not a student anymore, you’ve lost or will soon lose coverage.
  • If you were on a family plan with your parents and turned 26, you’ve probably lost coverage.
  • If you were on a child-only plan and turned 19, you know longer qualify for that coverage.

Losing health coverage for any reason can be a stressful thing. Luckily, as long as it wasn’t voluntary, your loss of coverage is a qualifying life event, according to Covered California. This means you have sixty days from when you lost coverage to enroll in a new plan! Typically, in order to enroll it would have to be during an open enrollment period. However, since you’ve recently experienced a life event, you are free to buy a new plan even if we’re not in an open enrollment period.

An example of “voluntary loss of coverage” would be having your plan cancelled for non-payment. If you plan was cancelled for non-payment you do not qualify for a special enrollment period.