Proof of Lawful Presence and Covered California

by Esmeralda Mercado

shutterstock_64240837Within the last few weeks Covered California sent out letters and emails advising many members that they need to provide proof of lawful presence, or else… So what happens if Covered California does not receive the documents they requested? What are these documents and is everyone required to provide them?

Who is affected by the Covered California notice?

You should have received a notice from Covered California if:

  • Your Covered California insurance application was marked “conditionally eligible”, and
  • You have not yet provided proof that you are in the United States legally, or the proof that you sent was not legible.

If your Covered California insurance application was marked “Conditionally Eligible”, it means that you were qualified to enroll but it was subject to you providing additional documentation within the next 90 days. For many people, the Exchange actually extended the wait time to allow people more time during the first open enrollment. 

What happens if I don’t provide proof of lawful presence?

shutterstock_71734516September 30, 2014 is the deadline to provide Covered California your proof of lawful presence. If they do not receive your documentation in time, they will be forced to cancel your health plan. They will have you pay back any tax subsidies that you received, and you will most likely have to pay a penalty for not being in compliance with the Affordable Care Act mandate.

What documents will Covered California accept?

Covered California will accept a variety of documents as proof of lawful presence. Here are the most common types of documents:

  • If you were born in the United States, send a copy of your U.S. passport, OR your birth certificate and your driver’s license.
  • If you are a naturalized citizen, send a copy of your U.S. passport, OR your certificate of naturalization.
  • If you are neither of the above but are lawfully in the United States, send a copy of your green card or work permit.

For a list of the acceptable documents, and to find out how to send the paperwork, click Covered California Request for Verification.

If you are confused and need help with this process, please give our agency a call at 1-877-752-4737, and we would be happy as your insurance agent to guide you through this process so you don’t lose your health insurance coverage.

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