Covered California’s New Help on Demand Tool

by Jessica Howland

Local Assistance Expanded

On November 17th the Covered California Website, released the new Help On-Demand tool for consumers looking for local assistance at the click of a button. This tool has been added this year on top of the already successful Covered California Storefront program that allows consumers to find assistance at a local walk-in establishment that is personal and free.

Covered California’s New Help on Demand Tool


A Convenient Call Back

Help On-Demand caters to those consumers that still want the expertise of someone local, but with the added convenience of having a Covered California certified agent/enroller call them. The tool asks the consumer if they are enrolling and if they need help right now an available broker or enroller can call or email them back. This tool is designed for those who are newly enrolling and not for existing Covered California members. Existing members are directed to call their certified agent/enroller who assisted them in enrolling or calling the Covered California Service Center.

To receive a call, a simple form requires the consumer to provide:

  • First and last name
  • Contact method preference
  • Phone Number/Email address
  • Zip code
  • City
  • Preferred language
  • If you and or family members are currently enrolled in a health insurance program

This information is then sent to an available insurance agent or enroller in the area matching the preferred language spoken.

Response Time

A response time of 45 minutes or less is advertised during normal business hours of Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. However, depending on availability some brokers may be available outside these timeframes. Many people have reported a response time of 10-15 minutes or less.

Success in Colorado

The Colorado state exchange: Connect for Health Colorado was the first to pilot this feature through Big Wave Systems. It was so successful, that it caught Covered California’s eye who is partnering with Big Wave Systems to bring more enrollment options to Californians through the Help On-Demand tool.


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