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Free Health Insurance Resources in California

by Stephen Saucier

If you’re shopping for Health Insurance in California you’ve probably got some questions. Or perhaps you have insurance but are having trouble understanding your plan. It can be hard to know where to turn. Regardless of your situation there may be free online resources available to you that can help.

State of California Office of the Patient Advocate

With open enrollment just around the corner you may be one of the many Californians in the market for a new Health Plan. Whether you’re currently without coverage or looking to switch plans, the Office of the Patient Advocate(OPA) can be a huge help to you. They offer a systematic breakdown of all the major insurance companies in California and give them star ratings based on their performance in lots of categories. The categories include:

  • asthma and lung disease care
  • behavioral and mental health care
  • checking for cancer
  • diabetes care
  • heart care
  • maternity care

If you or someone on your plan requires coverage in a specific category, with OPA you can see how each carriers care stacks up against the other.

California Department of Managed Healthcare

For those of you who are Health Plan members already and are having problems understanding your benefits or receiving the proper care, the California Department of Managed Healthcare (DMHC) could be an invaluable resource. The DMHC works to regulate the Health Plan providers in California. So if you feel like you’re not receiving the coverage you’re entitled to you may want to reach out to them to see what options you have.

Other than regulating, the DMHC is also committed to making sure that consumers understand their coverage. They people available to answer questions regarding your Health Plan at 1-888-466-2219. The DMHC is a great resource for Health Plan customers dealing with all kinds of issues.