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Covered California Updates

2016 Renewals

  • 2016 renewals need to be completed before any changes are reported on the 2015 application. For example if the address is incorrect, update on the 2016 application and process the renewal, then go to the 2015 application and report the change.

Dependents Over Age 26 with Zero Income

  • If a parent claims a child as a dependent on their taxes who is age 26 or older, and that child has no income, they will qualify for Medi-Cal.

Grandchildren as Dependents

  • If a grandparent is claiming a grandchild as a dependent on taxes, and the income is over the limit for a minor is be enrolled on Medi-Cal, that child will still qualify for Medi-Cal. If that grandparent has legal custody, then the relationship status needs to be “Court Appointed Guardian” for the eligibility results to allow the child to be enrolled on a Covered California plan with the grandparent.