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Many are switching to OneShare for their health care coverage. It’s just common sense! The prices are cheaper and the coverage is great.

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OneShare Health is not regulated by the Department of Insurance. As a result, OneShare is not considered insurance. None of its products or guidelines are considered insurance policies. The OneShare Health Program was created so that members can share medical expenses by making monthly membership contributions. This program offers affordable alternatives to insurance, and is regulated by State Attorney Generals and the IRS.

OneShare Health is a non-profit, 501(c)3 public charity, and the IRS recognizes it as an ACA-exempt program. This means OneShare members are exempted from the mandatory purchase of insurance. While the federal tax penalty for forgoing insurance was removed on January 1, 2019, several states and jurisdictions are bringing back the mandate. With OneShare, you can stay ACA-exempt in states with this mandate.

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How Long Has OneShare Health Been In Existance?

OneShare opened its doors to members in September 2018 when the program was launched nationally. The first application was written on September 5, 2018. OneShare is a subsidiary of Anabaptist HealthShare, which has been in operation since well before 2018. Anabaptists have been sharing medical bills for hundreds of years.

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Where is OneShare Available?

Since OneShare was launched, the program has continued to grow its national distribution channels. OneShare’s vocation is to provide simple, affordable, innovative healthcare solutions to as many people as possible. This program is always looking for more members who share their core beliefs. Currently, OneShare is available to individuals and families nationwide except for Pennsylvania, Maryland and Vermont.

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Advantages Over Medical Insurance

OneShare’s eligibility for sharing is not affected by residence or state. Members get comprehensive coverage anywhere in the U.S., unlike regular health insurance plans where you only get covered for emergencies when outside of your home state. Plus, compared to medical insurance, OneShare is 30-50% more affordable.

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Benefits of OneShare

OneShare provides affordable healthcare sharing options for families and individuals. This program has various membership family plans with varying price ranges. Members can select a plan based on the monthly contributions they can afford. OneShare also gives families the freedom to choose a coverage type they prefer, and they have the option to only pay for what they need.

OneShare does not make members wait. Enrollment is open between the ISt through 28th of every month. OneShare members pay low monthly costs. Monthly contributions start from as low as $140 for individuals, $225 for individuals plus one and $350 for families. OneShare members enjoy access to an extensive PPO Provider Network. With more than 1 million providers, PHCS is the largest PPO provider network in the country. This gives you access to the specialists you want to see.

You also get personalized concierge member services at no additional cost. These services help streamline your healthcare experience by giving you access to top-ranked healthcare providers, as well as the ability to schedule appointments and estimate medical costs.

Statement of Beliefs

OneShare is a faith-based healthcare sharing program that serves members of similiar core beliefs. The program does not discriminate members based on religion. However, OneShare only accepts people of similar faiths.

The only disqualifying question on the application is the statement of beliefs. A person will only be denied membership if they say no to OneShare’s statement of beliefs. The OneShare program is based on biblical beliefs. Therefore, every member must agree to sign a statement of belief in order to enroll:

  1. OneShare believes human life is holy and dignified and that God has created every person for a specific purpose (Psalm 139:13-14).

  2. OneShare believes it’s every person’s constitutional and religious right to serve God freely (2 Corinthians 3:17).

  3. OneShare believes and abides by the biblical and ethical principle of sharing with the less fortunate and those struggling with medical needs (Galatians 6:2).

  4. OneShare believes and agrees that it’s their responsibility to God and fellow human beings to engage in a healthy lifestyle and stay away from habits and practices that may harm the body (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).

  5. OneShare believes in the power of prayer and that prayer should be a fundamental daily life practice (John 5:14 3).

Healthcare Terminologies

OneShare is not an insurance company. As such, it cannot use any insurance terms. HealthShare has its own terminologies as shown above. Definitions for these new terms are explained below:

  • HealthShare program: These are programs offered by medical cost-sharing organizations which are set up as non-profit 501(c)3 organizations. Because these programs are not insurance, they are not regulated by state or federal health insurance regulation governing bodies.

  • Individual sharing amount: The amount available for a person’s medical needs that is not shareable with other members.

  • Monthly contributions: A sum of money that members voluntarily remit to OneShare to cover for another member’s medical expenses based on sharing guidelines.

  • Medical bills: The charges for medical services offered to a sharing member that may arise from illness or injury to the member.

  • Visit fee: Fixed amount paid to service providers before members receive a service.

  • Eligible for sharing: These are medical expenses that are approved for sharing between members as provided by terms of Membership Guidelines.

  • Shared services: Documentation describing the type of medical needs that the members share and how OneShare Health ensures easy sharing between members.

  • Program year: This is exactly twelve months from the effective date.

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Would you love to be part of an affordable healthshare program that connects you to the right specialists for your medical needs? Join the OneShare program by calling Health for California at 1-707-571-7590 (Live Support) or 1-877-752-4737 (Toll-Free) and get connected to over 1 million specialists across the country.

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