Obama Care California

In 2010, President Barack Obama signed into law a federal statute called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). The PPACA, which was later shorted to Affordable Care Act and later nicknamed Obamacare, is a health care reform that ensures all Americans can get health insurance. Most importantly, Obamacare wanted to lower the cost of health care as it had become quite expensive to access medical care.

Obamacare ensures all Americans in California can get health insurance and can access medical care without having to pay a lot of money in the process. It is mandatory that everyone gets health insurance in California, and you might be subjected to a penalty if you don’t.


How Has Obamacare in California Helped?

Obamacare health insurance in California came at a time when many people found it difficult to access medical care because it was too expensive for them. It had become too costly to manage chronic illnesses. Under California’s Obamacare, a lot of things were put in place that made medical coverage accessible to everyone, such as:

  • Everyone in California has access to health insurance.
  • Employers or businesses that have more than 50 employees have to provide health insurance for their employees that meet the minimum requirements set by the government or risk paying penalties.
  • Before Obamacare in California, one could be denied health insurance based on pre-existing conditions or chronic illnesses. With Obamacare, no insurance company can deny health insurance based on pre-existing conditions.
  • There is a state run marketplace, Covered California, where you can compare prices.
  • Based on your income, you can get subsidies that might lower your premium health insurance charges.
  • Obamacare in California improved Medicare for adults over 65 years.
  • Young adults can be added to their parents’ health insurance plan until the age of 26.

Requirements for Obamacare in California

Before enrolling in California’s Obamacare, there are a few things you’ll be required to present:

  • Previous year’s tax information for you and your spouse.
  • Household Size. You will need to list everyone in your household who will be on your federal tax return for the year you will be receiving coverage.
  • Social Security number or document numbers.

How to Get California Obamacare

There is an Open Enrollment Period for Obamacare in California that is best to take advantage of so you are not shut out. There are a couple of ways to get coverage:

  • Access the government marketplace, Covered California. Get prices and compare different insurance plans. You can also chat or call the support number on their website if you need assistance.
  • Use a licensed insurance broker like Health for California. We provide free, instant quotes for top health insurance providers in California. Fill out our confidential form and get started with California Obamacare.

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