Obama Care California

What is it?

Obama Care California refers to the golden state’s implementation of the health care reform law promoted by President Barack Obama. The law requires all Americans in California and across the 50 states to have health insurance. Health Care Reform provides monetary help on a sliding scale to people who otherwise could not afford health insurance.

Obama Care California is the more colloquial term. Officially, the law is called the PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act). The shortened version is ACA (Affordable Care Act), but the more common name is Obama Care. All of these names refer to the nation’s health care reform law that was passed on March 23, 2010.

In the golden state, the Health Insurance Marketplace that supports Obama Care California enrollment is called the Covered California Health Exchange. Consumers must sign up for Obama Care through the Covered California Website to qualify for government subsidized health insurance plans.


Why is it called Obama Care?

During the general election in 2008, President Barack Obama emphasized health care reform in his campaign. Although the term “Obamacare” was originally used to demean Obama’s ideas to reform the system, President Obama eventually endorsed the nickname “Obamacare” in 2012 saying he had no problem with people saying “Obama cares” because, he stated, that he does care.

Naturally, when the Covered California State Exchange was created, many began calling it “Obamacare California”. Click here for more information on Obama Care Plans and Prices.

Main Points of Obama Care for California

  • Individual Mandate – Californians must have a minimum standard of health insurance or pay a tax penalty.

  • Tax Credits – Provide federal assistance to those with low to mid-income based on a sliding scale.

  • Exchanges – To receive tax credits, California Obama care health plans must be purchased through the State Exchange, Covered California. Outside of this state, consumers may purchase plans through their state exchange or through the Federal Marketplace, Healthcare.gov.

  • Essential Health Benefits – As of 2014, a minimum standard of benefits called the essential health benefits must be provided by all new medical insurance plans.

  • Guaranteed Issue – Eliminates pre-existing condition exclusions, so individuals and families can apply for Obama Care California and receive health coverage without regard to health status at the same rates.

  • Medicaid Expansion – States who approved expansion, including the California Obama Care Exchange, allow for a greater amount of those in the low income bracket to receive medical care based on income only.

Obama Care California Plans

When you choose Obama Care in California, you can sign up for Covered California Plans that qualify you for government assistance. This “assistance” comes in the form of up-front tax credits that can lower your health insurance bill each month. Your tax credit is determined based on several factors including your income and household size. These Obama Care California plans are only available through the Covered California Health Exchange Insurance Marketplace.