Why Vision Insurance

Per VSP Vision Care’s findings, nearly 89% of the approximately 122 million households in the U.S. require corrective lenses, equating to 4 in 5 individuals. Vision insurance can be a valuable investment, not only for maintaining ocular health but also for its role in overall wellness. Regular eye check-ups can identify prevalent health issues such as diabetes and high cholesterol. Moreover, the financial benefits of vision insurance are considerable. Here’s a glimpse at potential savings:

Why Vision Insurance?

The Cost

VSP offers two vision plans, which cost $15.16 or $19.24 a month, per person.shutterstock_176501993

EyeMed offers three vision plans. The rates range from $5.50 to $31 a month, per person for a basic plan, or $16-$92.50 per month for a family of three or more on the richest plan.

Rates are the same regardless of the person’s age or where in California they live. You can apply for a VSP plan or apply for an EyeMed plan.


Vision insurance helps pay for an annual eye exam and a pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses. And if you lose or break your glasses, or just want an extra pair, you can get additional glasses at a 20-40% discount, depending on which carrier you’re with. Also, members receive a discount of 5% to 15% for LASIK surgery.

See below for a summary of benefits when services are received from a networked provider or facility. You’ll pay more for out-of-network services.

Vision Insurance Plan Benefit Details

For details, click VSP Plan Details and EyeMed Plan Details.


Vision insurance does not cover eye surgery, treatments, or other types of eye care. Check your health plan for benefit information. If you enroll for vision insurance, you will be able to use the plan nationwide but not internationally.

Enrollment Eligibility

Vision insurance is not subject to underwriting. It is available to adults age 18 and over, who are lawful residents of California, and have a Social Security number.

Stand-alone vision insurance is not available to children-only. There is vision coverage for children enrolled on a health plan through Covered California. For children enrolled on a plan through Medi-Cal, please consult with Medi-Cal for available vision benefits.

A family vision plan may be purchased to include children. There would be no coordination of benefits between the health plan and vision plan for the children. The advantage of buying extra vision insurance for a child is that you can use one plan to pay for glasses and the other plan to pay for contact lenses, or an extra pair of glasses.

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