Permanently Moved to/within California

Moving can be a stressful thing. There’s no doubt about that. Not just moving itself either, but all the transitions that go along with moving. New city. New job. New school. Maybe even new weather and scenery! Perhaps your move brought you closer to family? Or took you away from them? Either way, no one denies that moving can be challenging, stressful, exciting, and exhausting, all at the same time.

Health Coverage Following a Move

But what about your Covered California health insurance? Depending on the details of your move, it may not be practical for you to continue to see the same Doctor. Does your current health plan have doctors in your new city? Or maybe you don’t currently have coverage, in which case you’ll want to find a plan that meets all of your medical needs in your new area.

Moving Outside Open Enrollment Period

Usually, the only time you can enroll in a new health plan, or switch health plans, is during an open enrollment period. This means the earliest your coverage could take effect is January 1st of the upcoming year! Luckily, your move may be considered a Covered California qualifying life event. That means that within sixty days of being married you can apply for coverage even if we aren’t currently in an open enrollment period.


In order for your move to qualify you, it must meet one of the following criteria:

  • If you moved to California from another state, you qualify!
  • If you moved within California and at least one plan is available in your new area that wasn’t available where you moved from, you qualify!

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