Permanently Moved to/within California

Moving can be a stressful time. Some may find moving to a new area and learning to navigate challenging. Others stress about getting used to a new job, school or community space. Moving undoubtedly brings difficult transitions, whether moving closer or further away from family. Despite the whirlwind of emotions, it also comes with health insurance challenges.

Moving to a new state often means you will have to switch or transfer your plan, resulting in more steps to complete before you’ve fully settled into your space. By learning how to change or transfer insurance easily, you’ll reduce the stress of moving and cross one thing off your moving checklist.

How Do I Switch Insurance When Moving Out of State?

Changing health insurance when moving states comes with many requirements and specific enrollment periods. You can usually only switch health insurance if moving to California during an open enrollment period. This means you can only apply for new coverage on January 1st of the following year at the very earliest. However, your move may be considered a qualifying life event, giving you access to a special enrollment period.

During special enrollment, you are given 60 days to apply for new coverage or transition to a new plan. When moving to California, you must meet the following criteria to qualify for a special enrollment period:

  • You moved to California from another state.
  • You moved within California, and at least one plan is available in your new area that wasn’t available from where you moved.

When switching to new coverage, you might wonder how your employment plans might be affected. Moving to a new state may allow you to extend your policy through COBRA while you sign up for new insurance through your next employer. You might need to pay for the total premium costs, but the results might be well worth it.

How to Apply for Coverage

To apply for new coverage in California, search for a plan through Health for California, a service that helps customers find and apply for insurance plans. You can review your options and apply for the plan that fits your needs.

First, weigh your options. Shop and compare plans, from popular brand-name companies to specific insurance plans catered to your medical needs. Some programs might offer financial help, or you might find plans with varying low deductibles or monthly premiums.

Next, gather the paperwork you will need to apply. Have your social security number, relevant immigration documents, employer and income information, federal tax returns and other personal documentation available.

Finally, apply for the health coverage plan that is right for you. Health for California can help you through the application process. You might need personal verification to complete the application and verify your move, so have your driver’s license, passport, change of address document or signed rental agreement on hand.

Remember to complete the application within your special enrollment period deadline.

How to Transfer Health Insurance to Another State?

You might be able to transfer your current health insurance when you move to another state if your employer exists in multiple states or you have Medicare benefits. Always speak with your employer and provider to ensure your health plan remains the same.

If you have Medicare, Parts A and B will be available in any state. However, Parts C and D might vary and require a special enrollment period to reapply for new coverage.

For those who work for large employers with locations across the country, your coverage might remain the same despite your move. If so, you can make the transition easier. You must find a new plan if you purchase health insurance through the individual marketplace.

When New Coverage Becomes Effective

Your new coverage usually becomes effective the first of the following month after you apply. If you applied for coverage before your move, it will become available the first of the month after you’ve moved to your new location.

Get Assistance From Health for California

If you have any questions or want personal assistance with your health coverage when moving to California, consider contacting us.

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