Bernie Sanders Message of No Cost Health Care for All

by John Hansen

Bernie Sanders has been the dark horse of the political primaries this year. He came out of nowhere spouting ideas that for many seemed very radical. He is the first significant presidential candidate that actually claims to be a socialist. However, his ideas like free college and no cost health care for all have had a huge appeal amongst young people in the nation and in California.

On cars across the state of California, Bernie bumper stickers are everywhere. The shocking thing is that the two front runners, Donald Trump for the Republican Party and Hilary Clinton for the Democratic Party are almost nowhere to be seen. Personally, I have seen 100’s of bumper stickers for Bernie Sanders, and I have not seen a single one for Hilary or Trump.

Free Health Care Makes Bernie Sanders Appealing

One of the big appeals of Bernie Sanders is this idea of no cost health care for all. Many feel that the Affordable Care Act just didn’t go far enough. And, for many in California, they’re saying, “It’s still not affordable!”

Low income people have received benefits through the expansion of Medi-Cal and government subsidies through Covered California, the State Exchange. However, for many middle and upper-middle class, health insurance rates only went up.

No Cost Health Care for the Middle Class

We’re giving no cost health care away to the poor. Why not just make it free for everyone, or at least the middle class? For some, this just seems only fair. End the economic discrimination, and make everyone equal.

And if that’s your thinking, then Bernie Sanders is your man. He aims at reforming health care, throwing out the Affordable Health Care Act, and instituting a single payer health care system that offers not cost health care for California as well as for the entire country.


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