Insurance Licensing in CA

by John Hansen

In California, the Department of Insurance is responsible for licensing new agents and renewing the credentials of agents every year. Presently, the California Department of Insurance license renewal program allows about 136,000 agents to get their licenses renewed annually.

Through a carefully monitored registration and renewal process, the DOI ensures that you and other health insurance plan enrollees enjoy the benefits of a more competitive market. The DOI is currently under the direct supervision of California Commissioner, Dave Jones.

California Department of Insurance Licensing of Health Insurance Agents

Agents that deal with life and health insurance need to complete mandatory testing to obtain their licenses. The DOI has increased the number of testing centers from the original three locations to 24.

The process of getting your license as an agent begins with providing your fingerprints. This first step triggers a background check to ensure you have no previous misdemeanors and you’re qualified to receive a license. You also must complete a certain number of hours of pre-license education, after which you’ll receive a certificate that qualifies you to take your licensing exam. The courses may be taken online or through conventional instructor-led classes.

You must take and pass your license exams before you can apply for an agent’s license. After submitting your application at the DOI online registration website, your application and background check will be reviewed. If anything comes up during your background check, it could slow down your application process.

Is the License Process Efficient?

Assembly Republican Leader Chad Mayes made a comment about the process of obtaining his insurance license. He said it took him 40 hours to get his life and health license. He even said it was the worst week of his career because he had to go through training from 8 am to 5 pm each day.

However, Dave Jones replied to Chad Mayes comment by saying, “Don’t leave something out.” He said that some applicants leave out or hide vital information, and this stalls the process. Once the DOI finds something the applicant refused to report, they have to investigate, which prolongs the process. If an agent gives an accurate report, less time will be spent processing. The goal is to issue all new licenses within two weeks.

California Insurance License Renewal

The procedure for license renewal is now faster and better. Agents can get their licenses renewed in 24 hours as long all requirements are met. All agents must complete their renewal applications within 90 days after they receive their renewal notice from the Department of Insurance.

The Department of Insurance is doing its best to attract high-quality agents and shield consumers from the bad ones. For agents to have their licenses renewed, they must possess the character and knowledge needed to provide good advice to consumers who need to make critical decisions about California health insurance.

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