Short Term Health Insurance

Need temporary health insurance? Fill in a gap in coverage with a short term health plan.
In California, get coverage for 30-90 days.

Short Term Health Insurance California

The biggest reason why people sign up for short term health insurance in California is because it gives them affordable medical protection while they are waiting to enroll on a standard health plan. If you are temporarily without health coverage and just need basic medical protection for a short period of time, short term health insurance may be your best option.

It’s important to understand that Short-term health insurance is perfect as gap insurance to cover you in case of an injury or illness that is unexpected. However, it does not meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) including the Minimum Essential Benefits required by the law, so short term coverage cannot be a substitute for standard health insurance or protect you from a tax penalty.

Who could benefit from having a short term California plan?

Short term health insurance is recommended to people who need temporary coverage in situations like these:

  • I need coverage now and “Obamacare” open enrollment is not until later.
  • I’m waiting for my Covered California Health Insurance Plan to start, so need coverage until then.
  • I missed my company’s open enrollment period and need coverage until I can sign up again.
  • I’m at a new job and need medical coverage until my waiting period is over.
  • I’m almost ready for Medicare; I need gap health insurance coverage.
  • My job or school requires me to get insurance immediately.

Temporary Health Insurance is an Affordable Option

Generally, temporary health insurance premiums are considerably lower than standard health insurance plans. For example, the cost for a 30 year old male in Northern California to get a $2,500 short term health insurance deductible plan is about one third the price of a standard deductible plan. The premium is much lower because the benefits are not as broad.

Who is eligible for a Short Term plan?

  • Adults ages 18-64, spouses 18-64 and dependent children up to 26
  • Child-only plans are offered for those ages 2-17
  • A United States Citizen or having satisfactory immigration status for 12 consecutive months
  • If you can answer “yes” to any of the eligibility questions for medical history in the online application you will be denied coverage. Because Short Term plans do not fall under the laws of “Obamacare” they are medical underwritten and can deny coverage based on a pre-existing condition. Please review the plan brochures for more details.

When Can Short Term medical coverage start?

After submitting an online short term medical application, and if approved, you can start coverage as soon as the following day. If a later effective date is needed, you can apply with an effective date of 60 days after the application is submitted.

You will be notified of approval by email along with a Certificate of coverage and ID card. A phone number for precertification of services will also be included.

How does short term insurance work?

There are 2 types of short term plans that The IHC Group offers:

Secure STM

  • $2 Million Maximum Benefit
  • Deductible choice of $1,000, $2,000, $5,000
  • Coinsurance/Maximum out-of-pocket choice of 80/20 -$2,000 or 50/50 – $5,000
  • Broader Benefit Limits than Secure Lite
  • MultiPlan PPO Network

Secure Lite

  • $750,000 Maximum Benefit
  • Deductible choice of $1,000, $2,000, $5,000
  • Coinsurance/Maximum out-of-pocket choice of 80/20 -$2,000 or 50/50 – $5,000
  • Benefit Specific Limits
  • MultiPlan PPO Network
  • Allows coverage for non-insulin dependent diabetes
  • No height/weight question on medical questionnaire

What is covered on a short term medical plan?

Both the Secure STM and the Secure Lite offer coverage for the catastrophic events that include:

  • Emergency room visits
  • Hospitalization
  • Surgery

However, for the above benefits there are very specific coverage limits on the Secure Lite plans.

Enrolling on a Secure STM plan not only provides more coverage on catastrophic events, but offers a broader spectrum of benefits that includes but is not limited to:

  • Doctor services for treatment and diagnosis
  • X-rays exams, lab tests and analysis
  • Mammography, Pap smear and prostate antigen test(covered at specific ages)

For coverage details please view the Secure STM and Secure Lite brochures.

Pre-certification is required to notify the professional review organization.

  • 10 days before the date of a proposed elective or non-emergency hospitalization or surgery
  • 48 hours or ASAP following an emergency

How does short term insurance work?

All covered benefits are subject to the deductible, which means you would first pay full price for benefits until you reach the deductible. Then you pay the coinsurance amount until you reach your out of pocket amount (Note: the deductible is not included in the out-of-pocket amount). Once this amount is reached, your plan will cover the additional covered charges within the coverage period 100 percent until or if the coverage-period maximum benefit is reached.