Short Term Health Insurance

Need temporary health insurance? Fill in a gap in coverage with a short term health plan.
In California, get coverage for just one month or up to 6 months.
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Short Term Health Insurance California

The biggest reason why people sign up for short term health insurance California is because it gives them affordable medical protection while they are waiting to enroll for a standard health plan. If you are temporarily without health coverage and just need basic medical protection for a short period of time, short term health insurance California may be your best option. Note: Short term insurance is not subject to the Affordable Care Act, so it would not help you avoid tax penalty. However, the value of a short term plan is that it gives you some medical protection while you wait to enroll for a regular plan.

Who could benefit from having a short term plan?

Short term health insurance California is recommended to people who are not yet able to get standard health insurance but would like to get some medical protection rather than be uninsured. Some examples:

  • I need coverage now and “Obamacare” open enrollment is not until later.
  • I’m at a new job and need medical coverage until I complete the probation period.
  • I need a cheaper alternative to COBRA.
  • My employer suddenly cancelled our group plan and I need insurance right away.
  • I’m almost ready for Medicare; I need gap health insurance coverage.
  • I no longer qualify under my parents’ group medical coverage.
  • My job or school requires me to get insurance immediately.

Temporary Health Insurance is an Affordable Option

Generally, temporary health insurance premiums are considerably lower than standard health insurance plans. For example, the cost for a 30 year old male in Northern California to get a $2,500 short term health insurance deductible plan is about one third the price of a comparable standard deductible plan. The premium is much lower because the benefits are not as broad.

What is covered on a short term plan?

Short term health insurance California is a major medical health plan. It is geared for catastrophic incidents and not for ongoing treatments or routine visits. Basically, it gives you coverage for hospitalization, urgent care, and an emergency room visit if it results in hospital admittance. It does not cover medical services such as doctor visits, prescriptions, preventive services, or pre-existing conditions.

How does short term insurance work?


All covered benefits are subject to the deductible, which means you would first pay out-of-pocket until you reach the deductible. An exception to this would be urgent care visits, which cost $50 plus a 20% or 50% coinsurance of the urgent care cost. For all other services, after you reach the deductible, then, the insurance kicks in. At that point, you will pay a share of the cost, called a “coinsurance”, of either 20% or 50% of the next $5000 of eligible expenses, depending on which coinsurance you choose. Individuals can personalize their plan by selecting the deductible size and the coinsurance level that best fits their needs. Members can also select how long they want the coverage to be in effect. In California, the minimum policy period is 30 days; the maximum is 6 months.