Short Term Health Care

Need temporary health coverage? Fill in a gap in coverage with a short term health sharing plan.
In California, get Interim coverage for 30-60-90 days, 6 months or up to 12 months.

Lowest Prices. Simple Process.

Short Term Health Insurance California

If you’re on this page, you are probably looking for short-term health insurance. It could be that you are between jobs, fresh out of school or recently retired. Maybe you didn’t make the Open Enrollment Period and want to have health insurance that will cover you till the next one. The best coverage to get in such circumstances is short-term health insurance.

Short-term insurance, also known as gap health insurance, was a plan that covered you for a short period or covered a gap when you didn’t have health insurance.

What Changed With Short-Term Health Insurance?

Under the Affordable Care Act (often referred to as Obamacare), those enrolled in short-term health insurance plans were not considered exempt from the penalty. Then, with California SB 910, California banned short term health insurance across the state.

Now, short-term coverage is only available through Health Care Sharing Ministries (HCSM) such as Aliera Healthcare. These plans are not health insurance. These short-term health plans operate differently and have less regulations from the government.

However, these HCSM plans are exempt from the penalty and they provide coverage for people who might not be able to get coverage or afford coverage any other way. If you have a gap in coverage outside of Open Enrollment, then you cannot enroll in traditional health insurance. The only options available to you are the health sharing plans.

Short-term health sharing plans offer you coverage in the event of an unexpected illness, accidents or injury while you’re waiting to enroll in a standard health plan. These plans often do not include preventive care, and they do have per incident limits and lifetime limits, which you will not see on standard Covered California health insurance plans.

Also, be aware that State Exchange plans through Covered California can be used for a short amount of time. Covered California plans are month-to-month and you can cancel at any time. However, to enroll you would need to apply during the Open Enrollment Period or you would need to have a Qualifying Life Event to enroll during the Special Enrollment Period.

Health for California offers flexible short-term health sharing plans through Aliera. Aliera Health Care is an HCSM (Health Care Share Ministry) under law, which allows them to offer greater flexibility and lower rates. You can enroll at any time and even enjoy no penalties caused by non-enrollment.

When Can I Benefit From California Gap Health Plans?

Situations where short-term health sharing coverage is useful include the following:

  • You missed out on the Open Enrollment Period, and you didn’t qualify for special enrollment.
  • You applied for the Covered California Health insurance plan and are still waiting for it start.
  • You missed your company’s open enrollment for health insurance and need a temporary health coverage while waiting to sign up again.
  • You recently started a new job and have not yet been put under your company’s insurance plan.
  • You are under 65 years and almost ready for Medicare.
  • Your job or school requires you to get health coverage immediately.

InterimCare Short-Term HCSM Plans From Aliera

Aliera InterimCare is the short-term health care plan from Aliera. In California, where short-term insurance is not an option, this plan works like short-term coverage in most other states. If you need to get insurance fast or protect yourself until another health care program kicks in for you, InterimCare may be a choice for you.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Short-Term HCSM Health Plans?

Like standard health insurance plans, short-term health sharing plans have their pros and cons.


Short-term health coverage from Aliera is:

  • More Affordable – Short-term health plan premiums are lower than most major health plans available.
  • Purchase at Any Time of the Year – With health insurance plans, you have to wait for the Open Enrollment Period to apply for coverage. With short-term health sharing coverage, you can purchase at any time of the year.
  • Start Almost Immediately After Applying – After applying for a short-term health sharing plan online, you can use it as soon as the next day, depending on the HCSM company. Most plans take a short period to be approved.
  • Flexible – Short-term health care sharing plans are intended for those who need medical coverage temporarily. If you’re waiting for benefits to begin at a job, for an Open Enrollment Period or for another plan to kick in, you can use these plans for some coverage while you wait.
  • Renewal Options – You can decide to purchase a short-term health sharing plan that covers you for a month and renew it after the one month if you still need it. It can be renewed several times.
  • Easy Cancelation – With short-term HCSM plans, you can cancel coverage after applying without facing any penalties. Depending on the company, you could get your premiums back if you cancel your plan early enough and you haven’t used the coverage.


All short-term health care sharing plans have limitations:

  • Most Do not Cover Pre-existing Conditions – ACA has set minimum requirements that must be met with major health insurance plans. Short-term health sharing coverage does not have to include the minimum essential benefits of the Affordable Care Act. As such, most do not cover pre-existing conditions. Also, you can be denied enrollment based on a pre-existing condition. If you are still accepted on the plan, they might not cover the a condition you had prior to enrollment. Autism, substance abuse treatment, mental health conditions and other medical conditions may also not be covered.
  • May Not Cover Rx – Prescription drugs you may take or need to take during the course of your short-term health plan duration may not be covered.
  • Statement of Beliefs – Health Care Sharing Ministry plans, including their short-term plans, require you to agree to a statements of beliefs, which may include your commitment to certain lifestyle and healthy practices. Alierahas a very inviting statement of beliefs that’s open to people of many different orientations and faiths. However, some HCSM’s require strict adherence to Christianity, church attendance, and more.
  • Limits on Renewing – While HCSM plans can be renewed several times, a short-term health sharing plan can only be renewed up to 11 months. After that, the health sharing company will not renew further. Also, there are no guarantees that you will be able to renew. The HCSM may deny you coverage when you try to renew, especially if you have had a major illness while on the plan. These plans are intended for short-term solutions, and the idea is that you’ll eventually move on to more permanent health coverage. HCSM’s do offer long-term coverage as well.

Should I Get a Short-Term Health Plan?

If you do not currently have health coverage, you’ll want to get a reliable form of coverage that covers as much of your care as possible. However, while you wait to enroll for insurance, a short-term health care sharing plan can offer some protection. While it has limits, it can also offer you peace of mind and ensure your health is taken care of while you wait.

With Aliera, short-term health sharing plans are flexible, simple to apply for and affordable, making it easier to stay covered until your other coverage begins. Get a quote and find out how little a temporary health sharing plan may cost. Your no-obligation quote will come with no risk and give you the facts you need as you consider your health plan options.

Final Word

Short-term health sharing plans do not meet government standards, so it’s not advisable to purchase these plans if you have a pre-existing condition. Be on the lookout for the next open enrollment, so you can apply for a major health insurance plan that will give you more robust coverage. When purchasing a short-term health sharing plan, you should get one that can be dropped anytime without penalties from the health insurance company.