Molina Healthcare Agent Support and Broker Portal

by John Hansen

Molina Healthcare offers the best in class broker support team for their agents. They have a broker support phone line. Where other carriers can bounce you around and make you wait for a long time, Molina has been very good at answering phone calls in a timely manner.

The Molina Healthcare Resolution Team is able to resolve an issue on the first call most of time. If you can’t resolve your issue using the broker team, you can also call the Health Family Insurance FMO/General Agency for additional support. HFI has access to senior leadership all the way at the top because they are the #1 general agency for Molina Insurance sales.

Robust Molina Broker Portal

Molina has an excellent broker portal. Health insurance brokers in California and other states can download production reports and view their book of business 24/7 through the portal.

Agents can view “paid to date” in order to better manage their book of business. They can see which clients have paid and which have not, so they can follow up with their clients before coverage gets cancelled. Agents can see updates on a daily basis and view the last date the client has paid. For less tech-savvy brokers, HFI can download broker reports and email them to the agents via secure email.

Contracting with Molina

For Molina Healthcare, agents cannot work directly with the carrier but they must work through a General Agency for FMO like Health Family Insurance (HFI). HFI is the #1 producing agency for Molina at a national level. Agents who contract through Molina with HFI are not captive agents, so they can sell other products as well. 

If you have not already contracted with Molina, HFI leadership recommends acting quickly. In 2015, many agents tried to set up their contracts late in the year and this led to a 60-90 day delay in processing contracts. For many of these agents, when Open Enrollment began, they still had not received their onboarding contracts.

For additional information on this health insurance carrier, click Molina Healthcare California.


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