Blue Shield Dental Plans for Seniors

Blue Shield of California has been providing the state’s residents with health insurance since 1939. If you are a senior looking for new dental insurance coverage, Health for California can help you find the right Blue Shield dental plan to suit your needs.

The Importance of Dental Insurance for Seniors

Growing up, our parents always told us to take care of our teeth, and these words of wisdom still ring true for us in retirement age. Dental coverage makes regular oral care affordable and encourages seniors to take preventive and proactive steps needed for their overall wellness. It is especially helpful in emergencies for painful tooth conditions or for loose or lost teeth.

Dental Plans for Seniors in California

Blue Shield offers two dental plans through Health for California for seniors — the Dental Standard HMO and Enhanced Dental PPO 1500. Here is an outline of services for each plan.

Dental Standard HMO

In insurance, health maintenance organization (HMO) plans are designed for pre-determined dental costs and lower monthly premiums. The dental standard HMO plan encourages preventive care and regular dentist visits for seniors, including diagnostic exams and X-rays, restorative procedures and denture services. It also has no deductible or annual maximum for services.

However, dental standard HMO plans work only with a list of pre-approved providers, making choices more limited. You may also need a primary care provider’s referral to see a dental specialist. Use Blue Shield’s finder tool to discover dental standard HMO providers near you.

Enhanced Dental PPO 1500

A preferred provider organization (PPO) plan can have higher out-of-pocket costs with a deductible but provides a larger pool of dentists to choose from. Like with an HMO plan, PPOs do offer in-network dentists who can keep costs lower but still have the option to stray outside this list. You may also be eligible to receive a partial reimbursement from out-of-network dentist services through filing a claim. There is no referral or primary care provider needed to receive specialist care. Use the PPO finder tool to find a covered dentist near you.

The Enhanced Dental PPO 1500 plan is one of Blue Shield’s most popular plans for individuals and families with predictable copays.

Which Dental Plan to Choose

Seniors have the freedom to choose whichever dental plan is best to fit their unique needs. For example, if you wish to continue to visit the same dentist you’ve been seeing for several years, going with the PPO plan might offer the flexibility you need. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a dental plan on a budget, finding a provider in your area that accepts HMO plans in your area might be worth the change.

Contact Health for California Today

At Health for California, we understand how choosing a dental health care plan can be overwhelming — especially if it’s all new to you. Our team makes it quick and easy to find the perfect plan to cover what you need. Contact us for answers to your questions or to request a quote.

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