Kaiser Permanente Hires Medical Groups & Medical Students

by John Hansen

Kaiser Permanente’s integrated model requires not only the building of new facilities, but also a steady influx of qualified medical personnel. Toward that goal of acquiring the most qualified staff, Kaiser Permanente has gotten into the business of hiring medical groups.

Also, Kaiser Permanente, a leading California health plan, has contracted with medical students who have not even graduated yet. Kaiser has agreed to pay to put top students through school when these future physicians commit to working for Kaiser Permanente upon graduating.

How This Benefits Kaiser Permanente

By doing this, Kaiser Permanente is able to grab sharp medical students right away before they ever enter the job market. This guarantees the influx of doctors and medical staff that they need in order to keep building their HMO network. Also, this helps Kaiser Permanente snatch up the brightest and best future doctors going into the medical field before other providers even have a chance to compete.

How This Benefits Medical Students

This way future physicians do not have to worry about big education loans. They are guaranteed to graduate debt free. Also, they are guaranteed a job right out of college with arguably the top health care provider in California. They won’t need to go through applying and interviewing for jobs.

Doctors and future doctors love Kaiser Permanente. Working for Kaiser, means that physicians have no need to start their own medical practice. They don’t have to worry about finding a location, maintaining a business, setting prices, accounting, marketing and drumming up business. Kaiser Permanente is where a doctor can just be a doctor.

This is just one more way for Kaiser Permanente to stay on top when it comes to quality of care and to continue to advance beyond its competitors.

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