Covered California Enrollment


Everyone Can Get Coverage

With the passing of the new health care law everyone can apply for health coverage, and everyone gets approved. That’s right; no one is left out anymore. If you have diabetes, a heart condition or cancer, you get coverage, PERIOD.

When Can I Shop and Apply for Health Insurance?

November –January

This period is called Open Enrollment. At this time of the year most everyone who is a U.S. citizen or has legal status can purchase a health plan. If you already have medical insurance, then this is also the time of the year to renew your policy or change health plans. That is only if you have individual or family health insurance. We aren’t talking about insurance that you get through work. That’s a different story.

What if you miss this open enrollment period? Well, you may have missed the boat unless…you have a certain qualified life event like:

  • Losing coverage through a job

  • Having a baby

  • Moving

  • Getting married

So the bottom line is you must have a legitimate reason outside of open enrollment or you can’t get health insurance. They call this the Special Enrollment Period (SEP).

Best Time To Purchase Insurance?

Before December 15th

This way…

  • Coverage Starts January 1st

  • You take full advantage of your annual medical deductible which works on a calendar year

  • Allows you to beat the holiday rush

Where Can I Apply?

Right Here.

  1. Start by getting California health insurance quotes and see if you qualify for the government to help you pay for your insurance.
  2. Select a plan. If you aren’t sure which plan would be best, you can take a look at the Obama Care Plans and Prices before you start to get a general idea of cost and benefits.
  3. Submit your online application.

Really, it’s that easy.

How It Works

Covered California, is the Health Insurance Exchange for the state of California. It is the only place as a Californian resident you can apply and see if you qualify for the government to help you pay for your medical insurance. This financial assistance is called a tax credit or subsidy.

Is This Obamacare?

Yep, it certainly is!

President Obama was the one who pushed and got the new health care law passed and so people have coined the phrase “Obamacare” to mean the new health care system. Obamacare California is Covered California.

Can I Cancel My Enrollment, or Am I Stuck With It?

You can cancel your Covered California enrollment at any time.

Just make sure you have other health insurance lined up or else you may not be able to get it back again until next year’s open enrollment.



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