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Sign Up For Covered California

Did You Know?

Nearly 9 out of every 10 enrollees qualify for some level of financial assistance. Covered California says that 670,000 enrollees paid $100 a month or less for their coverage in 2015 and that 350,000 enrollees paid $50 or less per month.*

Find Out If You Qualify

It only takes a few minutes to start the process to sign up for Covered California.

If you aren’t offered affordable medical insurance through a job, and your income falls within the income guidelines then you more than likely will qualify for financial assistance.

And if you don’t qualify for a price break? Not to worry. You can still sign up for health insurance anyways. There is something for everyone. Covered California is like a shopping mall for health insurance. You can shop around as much as you want until you know what you want.

3 Steps to Sign Up For Covered California

1. Get a quote
2. Select health plan
3. Submit application

No Application Fee

That’s right! It doesn’t cost you to sign up.

Choose Your Own Level of Medical Coverage

Need good medication benefits? You got it. Get as much or as little as you need. There are 4 levels of coverage: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum

*Statistics from Covered California’s 2016 Open Enrollment Period: