Juli Broyles Speaks to the Interests of California Health Insurance Brokers

by John Hansen

Juli Broyles spoke out Tuesday, May 17, regarding the interests of California health insurance brokers. She spoke about several bills related to health care. She mentioned the need for all agents to have the opportunity to be a Covered California Storefront and she spoke to various issues related to broker compensation.

Covered California Storefronts

Being a Covered California Storefront can be a huge advantage to a health insurance broker who is selling Obamacare California products in the Health Insurance Marketplace. When an agent has a Storefront, that means consumers can find them on the Covered California website. When an agent can acquire customers without having to pay expensive advertising fees, that is always a plus.

Juli Broyles said that CAHU is fighting so that “all agents can have a Storefront.” Signing up to be a Storefront is easy. Agents can fill out an online form to submit their request to Covered California. Certain requirements apply such as having the proper signage. Apparently from Broyles comments, Covered California is being somewhat choosy regarding which California health insurance brokers they allow to be storefronts.

Issues Related to Broker Commissions

Since the Affordable Care Act, commissions for California health insurance brokers have dropped considerably. This has reached the attention of the California Association of Health Underwriters. In some cases, California health plans have said they would not pay commissions or they would only play for applications received during the California Open Enrollment Period.

It’s not surprising that CAHU, a California health insurance broker advocacy group, has come out on behalf of agent compensation. However, the three most powerful government agencies in California have also expressed concern. This includes the California Department of Insurance, Covered California, and the Department of Managed Health Care.



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