What Makes Molina Healthcare Unique?

by John Hansen

Molina Healthcare is a medical insurance company that knows who they are and where they are going. They compete in the government assistance health insurance market. They offer on-exchange medical plans through state and federal exchanges. That’s their niche, and they have no interest in the off-exchange market. The opportunity for Molina in the Obamacare marketplace is just too great. The three biggest markets for Molina are Florida, Texas and California.

Molina vs. Health Net

In the golden state, Molina Insurance competes strongly with Health Net California and other carriers on pricing, benefit design and provider network. For the most part Molina has been beating Health Net across the board (with the exception of North Los Angeles County). This explains why Health Net has lost so much market share to Molina.

Government Health Insurance

Molina was exclusively a Medicaid/Medi-Cal provider before the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Already being established in the government assisted health insurance niche, they were positioned well for Obama Care in California and across the nation.

Affordable Health Insurance

Molina is stable and they are looking to be very aggressive in pricing. They offer some of the most affordable coverage relative to their competition. In the 2016 Covered California Open Enrollment, in many markets Molina Insurance offered the cheapest health insurance coverage available and thus they greatly expanded their book of business this year.

Future forward, every year Molina Healthcare is looking for growth. While other carriers are giving 2 digit rate increases and pulling out of ACA markets, this carrier is looking to expand its reach further in the state and federal Health Insurance Marketplaces.


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