United Health Care, America’s Largest Health Insurance Provider

by John Hansen

United Health Care (UHC), through their Select Plus Network, offers one of the largest PPO networks in California. They have an HMO network as well, which is stronger in Southern California.

Keeping Health Insurance Affordable in California

In support of affordable health insurance for California, United Health Care took a rate reduction the beginning of 2016 for small business health plans.

United Health Care Supports Small Businesses

United Health Care is a national carrier that offers California group health insurance. This is very helpful for multi-site groups who have some employees in California. It allows these businesses to keep some continuity in their coverage across multiple business locations.

For small businesses of 1 to 100 employees, they only need 5 California employees to enroll on a slice along with Kaiser Permanente. Many other carriers require 50% enrollment, so for some business owners this helps a lot.

UHC’s Ongoing Saga with the Covered California State Exchange

United Health Care backed out of Covered California, the California Exchange, in 2014. In 2015, they entered back into the Health Insurance Marketplace, but were only allowed to offer Obamacare California plans in some of the most remote regions. They were willing to offer coverage throughout the entire state, but Covered California refused to let them.

Dave Jones, the California Insurance Commissioner, hinted on Tuesday, May 17, that this may have been a way of punishing UHC for dropping out of the California Exchange in 2013. Jones felt that Covered California’s decision to restrict United Health Care was a “mistake,” and he hopes that UHC will give Covered California another chance.

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