Supplemental Health Insurance Plans

Supplemental health insurance plans provide affordable medical insurance and CA dental plans that are not usually included in traditional individual California health plans. Often, these plans can be purchased on a stand-alone basis, which means you don’t have to be enrolled on a medical plan to buy the additional coverage. Examples of supplemental health plans are:

  • Dental Health Insurance: Standard health plans automatically cover dental benefits for children ages newborn to 18 years of age. To obtain a dental health plan for adults, you would need to purchase a stand-alone dental plan directly from an insurance carrier. If you are on a group plan, another option would be to add dental insurance for everyone who is enrolled on the company medical plan.
  • Short Term Health Insurance*: This is major medical insurance for a period of less than six months. It is a viable option for people who are in-between insurance plans, someone who needs gap coverage until their probation period at work is completed, etc. or generally, for someone who is unable to afford regular insurance but would like to have some coverage instead of none.
  • Travel Health Insurance*: Travel insurance is medical and travel protection for American citizens who are traveling outside of the United States, and for non-American citizens who are traveling in the United States. Generally, it covers illnesses that began or injuries that happened while the travel health insurance is in effect. Generally, the plan period is when you leave your home country until you reach your destination country.

*Note: Short Term Health Insurance and Travel Health Insurance are not mandated by the Affordable Care Act, so there are no special open enrollment periods; you may apply year-round. These plans do not cover the minimum essential benefits required under the Affordable Care Act, which means you could still be subject to a tax penalty. Also, pre-existing conditions are not covered on either plan.