Oscar’s Plan Design and Customer Support Makes Health Care Easy

by John Hansen

Easy is not a term most people associate with health care, but Oscar health insurance is revolutionizing the market by simplifying the process of getting service and using a health plan. They offer excellent customer service and innovative, easy-to-understand and easy-to-use plan designs.

Live support from representatives and medical personnel is easy to access for every member. And, the plan designs make sense even to people who are new to having health insurance coverage.

Give Oscar a Call

Oscar is easy to reach. They are open 7 days a week. Over 90% of their callers talk to a person in under 30 seconds. They are aiming to increase this to 95% in the near future.

They aim to not only answer your call quickly, but to the get to the bottom of your issue in a timely manner. The carrier resolves 85% of issues within one day.

Oscar Health Care is committed to return emails within one business day. Each week, they help over 150 members find a doctor.

Also, you can get a call from a doctor twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Doctors have up to an hour to respond, but they will usually call you within about 12 minutes.

Plan Design Philosophy

Oscar wants all of their members to have easy access to routine care, no matter which plan they choose.

All of their plans include:

  • Free preventive care: This is required by the ACA on all of the Obamacare-compliant plans.
  • Free, unlimited telemedicine: Use the “Call a Doctor” benefit and save time and money.
  • Fitness Rewards: Use the app to track your walking. Walk 10,000 steps in a day and get a discount of $1 on your membership premiums. You can save up to $100 in a year.
  • No referrals necessary: All Oscar health plans are EPO, which is like a PPO without out-of-network coverage. You can see any doctor or specialist within the network without a referral from your Primary Care Physician (PCP).

Their most popular plans also include:

  • Free primary care visits: Visit your personal doctor at no charge.
  • Low Cost mental health visits: Find low copays on private and group sessions.
  • Reduced Price Generic Drugs: Get low cost prescriptions.

These plan benefits along with Oscar’s convenient website and mobile app tools give you as a member the support you need if you get sick.

The deductible and out-of-pocket maximum limit your exposure to major medical bills. The out-of-pocket maximum (OOP Max) is the worst case scenario of how much you would pay should something horrible and expensive happen.

The OOP Max on these plans ranges from $3,000 up to $7,150. So, if you’re covered and you have to undergo a $100,000 surgery, the most you would pay is $7,150.

Oscar also offers:

  • Care Management
  • Doctors & nurses who assist by helping with complex care
  • Excellent Member Services support
  • Help with billing, claims and everything in between


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