Kaiser Permanente’s Opportunity to Improve Its Systems and Expand Its Network

by John Hansen

Efficiency is what Kaiser Permanente is great at, and it’s paying off financially. Likely, California’s leading HMO will use this surplus to streamline more, give members a better experience and improve health outcomes. However, due to its inability to take on too many new members, Kaiser Permanente is not expected to lower its rates.

Improving Systems

Systems can be updated. Facilities can be improved. Medical staff can receive additional training. New advancements in medicine can be implemented. Kaiser Permanente has led the way in California in all these areas, and they will continue to do so.

Expanding the Kaiser Permanente Network

Also, Kaiser Permanente will continue to expand their network. Gradually over time, new KP facilities will pop around California.  Kaiser is expected to expand in two main ways:

  • Add facilities in large metropolitan areas.
  • Begin building outward from these metropolitan areas where they are already strong.

Will Kaiser be growing into more rural, less populated areas? Maybe, but definitely not right away. The Kaiser system does best in areas with larger populations. However, rural areas that border more populated areas in time will likely see some Kaiser coverage creeping into their regions.