California Group Health Insurance

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Small Business and Group Health Insurance California

View group health insurance California plans, rates and quotes. Enroll your small business today. Click “Get Quotes” above to get a free no-obligation quote online. To see how the Affordable Care Act may affect your bottom line, click for more information about Health Care Reform and small business health insurance in California.

4 Advantages to Group Health Insurance California

  1. PRICE. Currently, group health insuranceCalifornia plans are sometimes cheaper than private health insurance plans.

  2. EMPLOYEE RETENTION. How do you attract and retain quality employees? One way is by providing comprehensive health benefits.

  3. MORE OPTIONS. With Covered CA groups, you have the option of offering up to two levels of coverage, such as Bronze and Silver or Silver and Gold. The employer will be able to choose a coverage level with the participating carrier of their choice.

  4. SIMPLE BILLING. All health plan premiums are billed in one consolidated monthly invoice.

For information on the pros and cons of switching to a Health Care Reform plan, click Covered California Small Business.

Is my small business eligible? 

Groups with at least one W-2 employee who is not an owner or spouse may qualify as a group.

Other eligibility requirements include:

  • Proof of business filing, such as a valid business license, articles of incorporation, etc.
  • Workers’ Compensation coverage.
  • Payroll records.
  • A certain percentage of eligible employees must be enrolled on a group plan.
  • Some carriers may require that the business filing be active for a minimum period of time.

Note: Carrier eligibility requirements vary. Consult with your health insurance representative for details.