Family Health Insurance in California

The information below will help you choose affordable family health insurance in California. Consider pricing and benefit options. Also, based on household income, your family may qualify for up-front tax credits, Medi-Cal, MCAP, or C-CHIP. For more information on subsidy eligibility and government assistance programs, check out the Covered California Income Limits.

How much is this family plan going to cost us each month?

You’ll want to know pricing right away on options for family health insurance in California. Click the following link to get a free, instant California health insurance quote online for you family. Your rates will be determined based on your household information. All of the following can affect your rates:

  • Household income
  • Number of people in household
  • Number of family members enrolling on the health plan
  • Zip code
  • Ages of family members
  • Health plan you select

Household income, number enrolling, the ages of household members and the family health plans in California you select have the most bearing on health insurance rates and subsidies for families. Bronze Plans are the least expensive. Silver Plans offer affordable middle-of-the-road pricing and benefits. Gold and Silver Plans are more expensive, but offer richer benefits.

Should I enroll my family on or off of the California Health Exchange?

If you qualify for a subsidy on family health insurance in California or for a special government medical insurance program, you will want to enroll through Covered California. If your income is over 400% of FPL, then applying with a California health insurance agent outside of the exchange will be the easiest enrollment option for your family.

For additional information on family health plans in California, use the following link: