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Had a Baby

You had a baby! Congratulations! Or perhaps you’re expecting a little one soon? Congratulations to you as well!

Chances are you’ve been dealing with medical expenses, healthcare coverage, and doctor visits a lot lately. In fact, there’s a high likelihood that you currently have some sort of coverage. Maybe an employer sponsored plan or Medi-Cal? Or you may even have a subsidized Covered California health plan? Have you considered your healthcare options? There may be a better, or even more affordable plan, available to you right now.

There is a lot to consider, to be sure. You may find that your best bet is to continue on your current plan. Keep in mind though, that since your family just grew, the income threshold for premium assistance on your health plan also increased! Perhaps you didn’t qualify for government assistance before your baby came. Now that your family is larger it would be worth getting a quote to see what your options are. It may surprise you to find that the government will now subsidize a portion of your premium.

In any event, the birth of your child is considered a qualifying life event under the current healthcare laws. That means that regardless of your current coverage, or lack of coverage, you have a special opportunity to enroll in a new health plan even if we aren’t currently in an open enrollment period as long as you do so within sixty days of giving birth.