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Magellan Health Services through Western Health Advantage

Magellan Health Services


Western Health Advantage members receive coverage through Magellan Health Services. This coverage includes support with mental, emotional and behavioural health as well as assistance with substance abuse. Magellan is a specialty health care management company. Recognised nationally, they are a leader in behaviour health, committed to clinical program excellence. Magellan offers a wide variety of services consisting but not limited to: treating complex mental health illnesses, professionally licensed counsellors to help with a variety of situations, marriage and family therapy, support to military and veteran families, and support programs for parents of autistic children. In addition they assist with radiology, cardiology and musculoskeletal management. Magellan also offers support with prescription drug management.

No referrals are needed, which means no prior approvals are required from your primary care physician in order to access services through Magellan.