Why is Kaiser Permanente the Best California Health Plan?

Kaiser Permanente’s efficiency is not only helpful in keeping prices down. It also aides in improving quality of care. Kaiser Permanente is the leader when it comes to health outcomes in many areas.

Best Health Insurance for Cardiac Treatment

Kaiser is #1 when it comes to dealing with cardiac problems. Heart attacks are the number one killer in America, but they’re not the number one killer for Kaiser Permanente members. Kaiser has managed cardiac problems so well that for its members heart attacks have dropped down to the number two killer.

Best Health Plan for Cancer

When it comes to treating cancer, studies show that Kaiser Permanente has a comparable amount of cancer patients to the other carriers in California. However, Kaiser Permanente has way more stage 1 and stage 2 patients, and the other carriers have way more stage 3 and stage 4 cancer patients.

What does that mean? That means Covered California Kaiser plans are catching cancer earlier and treating it earlier. With cancer, the most important factor is catching it quickly. The sooner you catch it, the more likely you can save a life.

Best Management of Diabetes

Kaiser is also a leader when it comes to treating diabetes. Before the Affordable Care Act, carriers could deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. All carriers denied for diabetes.

However, a couple years before Health Care Reform, Kaiser Permanente top leadership discussed the possibility of not denying for diabetes because they were managing it so well. Not having diabetes be an automatic denial was unthinkable for any carrier other than Kaiser Permanente.

Best Medical Insurance for Seniors

Kaiser currently has the #1 plan for seniors in California. It’s not the most affordable, but it’s the highest ranked for quality and enjoys high customer satisfaction.



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