The Public Perception of Blue Shield of California

California consumers and agents tend to have a high view of Blue Shield of California. Blue Shield is a non-profit, which causes many to trust this carrier over Anthem Blue Cross. Also, many feel that Blue Shield offers a better product that’s worth paying a little more for.

California Insurance Agents Rave about Blue Shield

Top California agents argue that Blue Shield has better networks and they’re great with claims. Also, they have kept strong, positive relationships with the broker community. These are some of the reasons why Blue Shield of California was the #1 carrier for sales through the Covered California Exchange during Open Enrollment 2016.

One of the Best for Plan Offerings

Consumers have been very happy with Covered California Blue Shield plan offerings, both their Obamacare California plans through Covered California as well as their direct plan offerings outside of the California Exchange.

Their “7 Plans” have been very popular. Also, many savvy agents and consumers have spoken highly about Blue Shield’s Silver 1700 plan. The carrier has been so successful in this area that Blue Shield of California has chosen not to make many plan changes in 2017.

Their “Tell a Doc” product is coming out in 2017, which will give members remote access to doctor advice.

Billing is a Problem

Many say that the area where Blue Shield of California falls short is the issue of billing. One top California agent commented, “You’re great in all these areas, but billing is going to be your demise.” Consumers and agents have complained that the on exchange Blue Shield portal is difficult to use, and they have complained about billing problems.

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