Covered California Deadline

General Application Deadline to Enroll:

15th of the month for coverage to start the 1st of the following month

Note: Due to Covid-19 and the American Rescue Plan, you can enroll all the way up to the end of the month for coverage starting on the 1st of the next month (without a Qualifying Life Event).

There are two distinct times of the year to enroll with the Covered California Application and make plan changes: Open Enrollment and Special Enrollment. Within these two periods, different requirements and deadlines may apply.

Open Enrollment Period

This is when most anyone can sign up for individual and family health insurance. Check the dates for this year’s open enrollment period so you know which deadlines apply.

General Deadlines

  • December 15th for a January 1st effective date
  • January 15th for a February 1st effective date

Special Enrollment Period

To enroll during the special enrollment period you are required to have a qualifying life event occurring within the last 60 days. Deadlines will vary by life event. Here is a list of the most common life events with corresponding deadlines.

Qualifying Life Event Deadline Effective Date

Permanently moved to/within California

Got married

January 15th February 1st
February 15th March 1st
March 15th April 1st
April 15th May 1st
May 15th June 1st
June 15th July 1st
July 15th August 1st
August 15th September 1st
September 15th October 1st
October 15th November 1st
November 15th December 1st
December 31st January 1st

Involuntary loss of health insurance

January 31st February 1st
February 28th March 1st
March 31st April 1st
April 30th May 1st
May 31st June 1st
June 30th July 1st
July 31st August 1st
August 31st September 1st
September 30th October 1st
October 31st November 1st
November 30th December 1st

Effective Dates

Covered California deadlines are closely connected to the effective date of insurance. We suggested you work backward. Find out when you need your insurance to start, and then plan around the corresponding application deadline date.  If you don’t have a qualifying life event to apply mid-year, plan around the next open enrollment period.

Don’t Wait Last Minute!

The Covered California deadline days can be crazy. We notice more mistakes on applications submitted on these days than any other. Make a decision to plan ahead and set aside time to complete your application with no distractions. Submit your application a week if not more before the deadline. Less stress will produce a clearer mind and insure an easier process.

Note: In 2014 and 2015, the Covered California deadline was extended. In 2016, a one week extension was given for people who enrolled before the deadline. However, we do not anticipate there being any deadline extension for the Covered California 2017 Open Enrollment Period.

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