California Care

What is California Care? 

California Care refers to health care plans in California that offer a government subsidy. More specifically, it is California’s Health Benefit Exchange. It’s also known as Obama Care in California, but the official name is Covered California. California Care plans include private health insurance carriers to choose from.  These plans can be purchased at Covered CA which is the only place where Californians can receive a federal tax credit if they qualify.


The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law in 2010.  With it, came many changes for our nation’s healthcare system. The goals of the ACA included making affordable quality health care accessible to all.  The ACA requires all Americans to have minimum essential coverage health insurance or pay a tax penalty.  It provides guaranteed issue which removes the ability to deny coverage to individuals for pre-existing conditions. It also provides assistance to lower premiums for the low to mid income ranges of the population.  Additionally, the ACA gives each state the choice to set up its own State Health Benefit Exchange to provide its residents with easy access to purchasing health plans with subsidies. 

California Care is Covered California

California opted to set up its own state-based health insurance exchange and called it Covered California.  So, when you think of California Care, think Covered California.

Covered CA provides a convenient way to determine eligibility for a subsidy, get quotes, compare plans, and apply on-line for California Care plans.

  • Call a Certified Covered CA Agent with questions at 707-571-7590

Covered California Facts

  • California was the first state to enact legislation to start a health benefit exchange when the ACA passed 
  • California households received an average of $436 per month in the form of tax credits through Covered CA during its first year
  • In 2014, Covered CA had a Historic First Open Enrollment enrolling nearly 1.4 million people in private insurance plans with 88% receiving subsidies
  • During the 2015 Open Enrollment, Covered CA reported 495,073 new members and just over 900,000 of existing members renewed their plans for a combined total enrollment of over 1.4 million people
  • For 2016, Covered California enrollment data showed 439,392 new members, and over 1.1 million existing members renewed their plans for a combined total enrollment of nearly 1.6 million people