Coming Changes for Covered California’s “Shop and Compare” Tool

by Wendy Barnett

Shopping Cart Computer“Good changes are just around the corner” was the message given by Covered California in a webinar on August 4, 2016 put out by the Covered CA Outreach and Sales team reviewing their online application feature release 16.7.  Various updates were reviewed, including changes regarding the “Shop and Compare” tool.  This tool is featured on the Covered California website and helps consumers and certified Covered CA agents and enrollers to obtain quotes for plans including subsidy amounts. It promotes a more user friendly experience to “shop around” for their health insurance plans by comparing different levels of coverage, different carriers, and different network types.

Mobile App Retired August 1, 2016

At the webinar, agents were informed that the Covered CA mobile application was retired. This application allowed agents to prepare a personal proposal that could be mailed out to their clients with the agents contact information included. Covered CA stated that this application was not being utilized very much, so they retired it on August 1, 2016.

New Shop and Compare Tool Coming Soon

Covered CA announced that a whole new “Shop and Compare” tool is coming soon. They stated it would be fancier, shinier, and a lot more useful tool for consumers and certified agents and enrollees. The Outreach and Sales team said its arrival would come in a few weeks.


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