My Covered California Health Plan Was Terminated for Lack of Documentation

by Wendy Barnett

I got enrolled on an Obamacare plan during the Covered California Open Enrollment, and now I find out that I have been terminated for lack of documentation. Can I get reinstated? What do I do?

In the last couple months, Covered California and their licensed insurance agents have been following up with clients who need to submit supporting documentation. The type of documents requested, are usually proof of income and proof of legal presence. A full list of allowable documents can be found here.  However, some insured on these Obamacare California health plans have not submitted their documents in time, and their medical coverage has been terminated.

Can my health plan be reinstated?

Yes, in many cases California consumers who have been cancelled due to lack of documentation have been able to get their health insurance plan reinstated. Covered California’s mission is to get all consumers in this state covered with a health plan. Toward that end they have created a process by which Californian’s who have been terminated for lack of documentation can reinstate their medical coverage.

How can I get my medical insurance reinstated?

To reinstate your health insurance coverage, gather your supporting documents and submit them to Covered California right away. You may upload your documents to your online portal or you may fax them to 888-329-3700. Documents must be received and verified by a Covered CA representative within 30 days of your cancellation to be reinstated.

If you fax your documents, please include a cover letter. In your cover letter, include your name, date of birth, address, phone number and case number. Also, explain that you are submitting the required documents and requesting that your health plan be reinstated so there is no gap in coverage.

If you are reinstating a health plan for multiple family members, please make clear the names of each family member that you want to be reinstated on the health plan. We have seen cases where someone went to reinstate a Covered California family health insurance plan to find out later that some family members were reinstated and some were not.


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