Gary Dietrich Challenges California Insurance Brokers to Make a Difference

by John Hansen

At CAHU Summit 2016 Political Analyst Argues for CA Agents to Commit to the Common Good

Gary Dietrich spoke to a room full of California insurance brokers on Wednesday, May 18, at the Capitol Summit for the California Association of Underwriters (CAHU). Though California agents tend to be Republicans, he argued against partisanship and said that people are looking to hear both sides. He mentioned talks he has hosted regarding various ballot measures. He had both sides of the argument present, and has garnered interest from California voters in the millions.

Dietrich commented to California insurance brokers regarding the health care industry. He said, “People want to know what’s going on and where it’s going.” He argued to these agents that we need to get back to our united values as a country and make firm commitments to integrity, value and courage. He argued for the life-giving power of altruism to be infused into the health care industry in California.

We Need California Brokers Who Are Committed to Help People

Dietrich said, “Find something that shows you’re committed to a common good.” He referred to the new popularity of “cause marketing”. He noted how Target uses signs to notify their shoppers regarding the percentage of revenues that they are using to put back into the community.

Dietrich got real personal with these California insurance brokers. He said, “My kids like to watch politics. I’m glad, but I’m most glad that my kids yesterday were feeding their grandma.” Deitrich’s mother is now 90 years old and being treated by Kaiser Permanente for colon cancer.

Pick a Good Cause and Pledge Yourself to It

He mentioned to the insurance agents that every year his church does an event called “Breakaway” where they choose some cause to support. This year they picked “Fuzzy Buddies”, which gives to kids who’ve been displaced by disaster.

Dietrich said, “It’s good to be good at what you do, but it’s even better to be good at who you are.” He added, “I’m an eagle scout and a do-gooder.” He closed by challenging California insurance brokers to have hope and to aim their energies at doing good for others.


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