2017 Covered California Open Enrollment Plan Management Meeting

by Stephen Saucier

Even though open enrollment for 2016 coverage is just about to start, the team at Covered California is already working hard to ensure that customers will have even better plan designs for the 2017 Covered California open enrollment period. A key part of their approach to improve the 2017 open enrollment period is to gather as much information as they can through surveys, from the carriers, and from customers to identify areas that need more clarity and transparency. This helps pin point where things are going well and the areas that could use improvement.

Potential Plan Design Changes Coming in the 2017 Covered California Open Enrollment Period

There are at least three potential changes to plan designs coming in the 2017 Covered California open enrollment period that are pretty exciting:

  • Reduce urgent care copay to standard office visit copay amount
  • Remove physician cost sharing for ER visits
  • Combine medical and pharmacy deductible for Bronze plans

While it’s not a guarantee that all of these changes will take place, it does seem likely. If they do, it will mean a significant improvement in the overall value of many Covered California Health Plans.

Apples to Apples

Another way the Covered California Plan Management team is working hard to improve the customer experience for members is by pushing for standardization in plan design. As each carrier makes changes to their plans and coverage to meet Covered California’s requirements, it will become easier and easier to compare plans from different carriers to each other. An “apples to apples” comparison has been a goal of Covered California’s since the beginning and they seem to be making good progress toward that end.


When all is said and done, it should be comforting to know that Covered California is listening to customers and working with carriers to improve value, customer experience, and plan benefits. They truly are putting feet to the word “Reform.” That fact should be as clear as it’s ever been when the 2017 Covered California open enrollment period arrives.

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