Obama Care Websites

Obama Care makes it possible for many people to receive tax credits to lower their health insurance premiums. The ONLY way you can receive these tax credits from the government is for a health insurance application to be submitted to your state-based exchange (if your state has one) or the Federal Exchange. Most applications are submitted to them through an “Obama Care website.”

You can submit your application on your own, through a certified health insurance agent, or another certified person helping on your behalf. No matter which route you take, all applications will end up at the same place.

Why should you apply on an Obama Care Website?

  • To see if you qualify for a tax credit
  • To receive a tax credit now in the form of a monthly discount
  • To receive a tax credit later if your income decreases and you become newly eligible
  • To receive a tax credit later as a lump sum when you file your tax return if your income is lower than what you projected

What Website Should You Use?

  • Use the Federal Marketplace website to find where you should be applying and if your state has its own exchange.

Online Shopping Mall for Health Insurance

Think of it as a website that is a one stop shopping mall for health insurance.  It’s easier to buy health insurance because all of the stores (private insurance companies) are basically selling the exact same plans so you can do an apples-to-apples comparison. What’s even better is that you will be given something like a “coupon” (tax credit) if you qualify.  You will be able to apply this “coupon” at any one of the various “stores” that you choose.

Important questions to consider:

  • Can I buy health insurance outside of the Marketplace? YES
  • Can I get a tax credit outside of the Marketplace? NO


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