History of Obama Care in California

Under the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare (or Obama Care California), each state was given the choice to set up their own state-based marketplace or exchange to provide its residents with an avenue to shop for and purchase their health insurance and to receive discounts in the form of federal subsidies if eligible.

California said YES!

California has chosen to set up its own State Exchange called Covered California. So…

Obama Care in California = Covered California


Covered California is where all Californians must submit their health insurance application if they want to see if they will qualify to receive a subsidy, or tax credit. 

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Covered California Making History

  • After Obamacare passed, California was the first state in the nation to enact legislation creating a health benefit exchange. The Exchange is an independent public entity within state government that has a board of five-members who are appointed by the Governor and the Legislature.
  • In the first year, Peter V. Lee, the Executive Director of Covered CA, said that households in California received more than $5,200 a year in federal subsidies through the Exchange.
  • In 2014, Covered CA enrolled over 3 million people in their very first Open Enrollment exceeding their projections. Medi-Cal enrollments accounted for 1.9 million, and nearly 1.4 million were enrolled in a private insurance plan. Of these enrollments, 88% received a subsidy.
  • 2015 saw Covered CA enrollments at nearly half a million new members and, again, 88% received a subsidy. Covered CA stated that 92% of existing members renewed their plans.
  • For 2016, Covered California enrolled about 439,000 new members and stated that over 1.1 million renewed their plans. The number of members enrolled at the end of 2016 Open Enrollment was nearly 1.6 million.



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