Short Term Health Insurance

Need temporary health insurance? Fill in a gap in coverage with a short term health plan.
In California, get coverage for 30-90 days.

Short Term Health Insurance California

If you’re on this page, you are probably looking for short-term health insurance. It could be that you are between jobs, fresh out of school or recently retired. Maybe you didn’t make the Open Enrollment Period and want to have health insurance that will cover you till the next one. The best coverage to get in such circumstances is short-term health insurance.

Short-term insurance, also known as gap health insurance, is a plan that covers you for a short period or covers a gap when you don’t have health insurance. Short-term health plans offer you insurance coverage in the event of an unexpected illness, accidents or injury while you’re waiting to enroll in a standard health plan.

When Can I Benefit From California Gap Health Insurance?

Situations when short-term health insurance is useful to you include the following:

  • You missed out on the Open Enrollment Period, and you didn’t qualify for special enrollment.
  • You applied for the Covered California Health insurance plan and are still waiting for it start.
  • You missed your company’s open enrollment and need a temporary health insurance while waiting for when you can sign up again.
  • You recently started a new job and have not yet been put under your company’s insurance plan.
  • You are under 65 years and almost ready for Medicare.
  • Your job or school requires you to get health insurance immediately.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Short-Term Health Insurance?

Like all other health insurance plans, short-term health Insurance has its pros and cons.


  • More affordable than major health plans – Short-term health plan premiums are lower than most major health plans available.
  • Can be bought at any time of the year – With most major health plans, you have to wait for the Open Enrollment Period to apply for health insurance coverage. With short-term health insurance, you can purchase at any time of the year.
  • Start almost immediately after applying – After applying for short-term insurance online, you can use it as soon as the next day, depending on the insurance company. Most plans take a short period to be approved.
  • Renew when the coverage period is over – You can decide to purchase a short-term plan that covers you for a month and renew it after the one month if you will still need it. It can be renewed several times.
  • Can be canceled after applying – With short-term plans, you can cancel coverage after applying without facing any penalties. Depending on the company, you could get your premiums back if you cancel your insurance early enough and you haven’t used the insurance.


  • Doesn’t protect you from the Obamacare Penalty – Most people tend to think that getting short-term health insurance protects you from the government penalty for not having health insurance. While short-term insurance is a good option for medical insurance, it does not shield you from penalties.
  • Most do not cover pre-existing conditions – ACA has set minimum requirements that must be met with major health plans. Short-term health insurance is not required under ACA to meet the essential requirements. As such, most do not cover pre-existing conditions. You could be denied the plan based on your pre-existing condition. If you are still accepted on the plan, they might not cover the said condition.
  • May not cover prescription drugs – Prescriptions you may take or need to take during the course of your short-term health insurance duration may not be covered.
  • Limit on how long you can renew – While it can be renewed several times, a short-term health plan can only be renewed up to 11 months. After that, your insurance company will not renew it further. There is also no guarantee that your insurance company will accept you again when renewing, especially if you had a major illness while on the plan.

Final Word

Short-terms plans do not meet government standards, so it’s not advisable to purchase a short-term plan if you have a pre-existing condition. Be on the lookout for the next open enrollment, so you can apply for a major health insurance plan that will save you from government penalties. When purchasing a short-term health insurance plan, you should get one that can be dropped anytime without penalties from the health insurance company.