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HealthForCalifornia.com Makes Obamacare Understandable

New Website Helps Californians Understand Healthcare Reform

August 23, 2013 – On August 21, 2013, Health for California Insurance Center (HFCIC) launched its new website, www.healthforcalifornia.com. The site is dedicated to helping Californians understand and comply with the Obamacare mandate that requires all Americans and legal residents to obtain qualified health insurance starting in 2014. “For hundreds of thousands of Californians, health insurance is about to change. We know that change is coming, but most Californians do not understand exactly how the Affordable Care Act will affect them. Californians have questions. HealthForCalifornia.com has answers”, shared CEO, John Hansen.

The new website is intended to bring clarity to the confusion. Some of the questions people are asking include:

  • Will the government pay for my health insurance?
  • Do I need to switch plans?
  • How much is the penalty?
  • Is my business required to provide health coverage?

HealthForCalifornia.com provides informative articles and info-graphics to help consumers answer these questions for themselves and prepare for Healthcare Reform. Also, live support is available by phone and by email. Visitors may engage with licensed agents and get free, no obligation advice on what Obamacare may mean for them personally. Consumers may enroll in California health insurance plans that are available today, but most will simply want to consider their options and prepare for October 1 when enrollment begins.

The new website helps consumers grapple with the multiplicity of options that many will be facing. Some Californians are on grandfathered plans which they may wish to keep. Others in California will seek health benefits through Covered California, which includes the Individual Marketplace (the California individual health insurance exchange) and The SHOP (the California group health insurance exchange for small businesses), where they will be able to purchase California exchange plans and potentially qualify for government subsidies. Still others may choose to stay on their current coverage, switch to a private plan or go without coverage and just pay the penalty. All these options make the decision difficult and confusing for many Californians. HealthForCalifornia.com and the live support offered by the Health for California Insurance Center aim to simplify the process, clarify the confusion and help consumers decide on the California health insurance coverage that will be best for themselves and their families.

“HealthForCalifornia.com will make the transition a lot easier for countless people,” added Hansen.

About Health for California Insurance Center

Health for California Insurance Center was established in August of 2013 to help Californians navigate through the waters of the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Healthcare Reform or Obamacare. The support staff of HFCIC includes licensed agents that have been working in the industry since 2005. The company consists of Healthcare Reform experts and benefits specialists who provide personalized insurance services at no cost to individuals and businesses needing assistance with enrollment, quotes, and health plan questions. For support with your health insurance needs, call 1-877-752-4737 or visit www.healthforcalifornia.com.

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