Apply for Obama Care California

Where to Enroll

The easiest way to apply for Obama Care California plans is online.

  • Californians can apply for Obama Care through California’s State-based Exchange: Covered California

When to Apply

Open Enrollment – Pretty much anyone can apply during this time. It starts in the fall, early November. Check the dates of this year’s open enrollment  so you know the specific window of time.

Special Enrollment – You may be able to apply outside of open enrollment for 60 days if you experience a qualifying life event.

Five Easy Steps to Apply for Obama Care

Step 1: Apply during Open Enrollment or Special Enrollment 

Step 2: Shop the marketplace to see if you qualify for a subsidy

Step 3: Explore quotes and options to decide on a plan

Step 4: Complete and submit your application online

Step 5: Pay your first bill to activate your coverage

Application Approval

The way people apply for health insurance has changed since the Affordable Care Act was made law. Applications were primarily made up of medical history questions.  Insurance companies would review the information and decide to approve, approve with limitations or higher rates, or decline you. Now, there are no longer medical history questions.

Everyone has guaranteed approval so pre-existing conditions are no longer a reason to be declined. This means that you can apply for Obama Care and be approved even if you have a history of health conditions or are currently being treated for an injury or disease.

Approval for Obama Care takes into consideration your household income to evaluate whether or not you qualify for assistance to help lower your insurance bill. This involves new questions on Obama Care applications.

Information Requested on the Application

  • Household size (Include everyone that will be on your tax return for the benefit year even if they are not applying.)
  • Income from all members in your household
  • Marital status
  • Tax filing information – How you file your taxes, if you are or have a dependent, etc.
  • Citizenship or lawful presence information
  • Usual questions like gender, age, zip code, contact information, social security number
  • Employer offered health insurance or qualify for government programs like Medicare
  • Special Circumstances – student, disability, pregnancy
  • Federally recognized  American Indian or an Alaska Native member
  • In some states, you will be asked whether or not you are a smoker
  • General Agreements – terms and conditions
    • All information is true
    • Agree to file your taxes for the benefit year
    • Give consent to check certain personal information

Need Help?

All Obama Care Marketplace websites have a “find help” or “contact us” page to find the help that you need. You can apply for Obama Care and/or obtain information by phone or in person from the following resources:

  • Your state marketplace representative or consumer call center
  • Certified Health Insurance Agent or Broker
  • Certified Enrollment Counselor
  • Marketplace Navigators or Assisters
  • Your County Services Agency

If you are in California we can help you by contacting us at 1-707-571-7590.