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Find Assistance with Covered California Enrollment

You don’t have to do it alone. Now that Obamacare is here, signing up for health insurance can be like filing your taxes or flossing your teeth. It’s something important you know you gotta do, but isn’t fun.

Do you qualify for Uncle Sam to help pay for your health coverage? The answer comes with knowing how to answer the tax and income questions on the Covered California application. The answers to these questions will affect your taxes the following year, so you don’t want the wrong answers to come back and haunt you.


Having the right person help answer the questions and guide you through the process can literally be a lifesaver, not to mention a timesaver. Free assistance that is confidential is available to everyone whether you prefer an in-person consultation, the convenience of an over the phone conversation, or a web-based chat.


View the handy chart below to see who is available and what they offer. It’s a wise idea to double check that the health insurance agency, agent, or person you are working with is certified. You can do a quick check on Covered California’s website by location, name, business, or organization to find out.

Assistance Channels

Certified Insurance Agents

Many insurance agents have been in the health insurance industry for a while which means they bring some unique things to the table such as experience, and insight on coverage comparisons between insurance companies. In addition to being certified with Covered California, agents are also required to be licensed with the California Department of Health Insurance to sell and explain health plan policies. They offer free assistance to individuals, families, and small businesses.

Covered California

The California State Exchange direct

A Storefront

This is a local office run by a certified enroller or insurance agent who can offer free help to individuals and families to apply and maintain a Covered California Application Account.

Certified Enrollment Counselors

This is the same thing as the Navigator program which the government required all states to offer as free help to people signing up for health insurance. They help individuals and families apply and select health insurance.

County Eligibility Workers at Human Services Agencies

The expertise of a Human Services representative is guiding you through the eligibility and enrollment of the Medi-Cal program. In addition they can also offer help in determining eligibility for cash assistance and nutrition benefits. All assistance is free of cost.

What They Can Do For You


Assistance Channels In- Person Assistance Phone Assistance Online Chat Contact
Consumers Assisted with Covered California Enrollment
Coverage Starting 2016
Certified Insurance Agent Yes Yes  No Find 45.7%
Certified Enrollment Counselor (Navigator) Yes Yes  No Find 4.1%
Covered California  No Yes Yes Find
Local Storefront Yes Yes  No Find 50.2%
County Human Services Agencies Yes Yes  No Find



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